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In states like New York and California with progressive tax systems, the IPO has spawned a new class of wealthy Americans in recent years. Three former Stanford University students have become billionaires in California, which began with the booming stock market, while San Francisco - a food delivery company based in DoorDash Inc.

I came to the United States in 1999 to learn to pilot an aircraft and in November I obtained an instrument evaluation. I attended Airman Flight School in Norman, Oklahoma on July 3, 2000, and had no trouble following the instructions, but I was very upset when I failed the Level 1 test at Jones Aviation. But I continued to inquire about flight schools and personally visited some of them, including a visit to the US Air Force Academy in Fort Worth, Texas, which included an interview with the director of the flight school.

The next winter I moved to Hamburg, where I enrolled for two years at the Technical University of Hamburg and enrolled in the first year of my bachelor's degree in computer science. Many al-Qaeda members lived in my apartment at various times, including the kidnappers. After 9 / 11, there was also a report that Mohamed Atta had attended the same flight school as me, the US Air Force Academy in Fort Worth, Texas.

He had lived in Germany for about five years and had a strong record as a pupil; he was one of the best - with an average grade point of below. In my first year I was admitted to the exclusive architecture program and was the second best student in my class, behind only one other student and the first in the entire school.

In the luggage was a copy of Atta's will, written in Arabic, with instructions calling for one last night off. He had stopped at the airport to pick up Ramzi bin al-Shibh from the airport and then drove on to the hotel in Lawrenceville, Georgia, where Shehhi visited the LA Fitness Health Club. In the United States, he was on his way to a hotel near Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) He visited LA's gym and health club in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

Terminal B has two separate halls; the South Hall is used mainly by US Airways and the North Hall is used mainly by American Airlines. There is a security screen that runs through Boston, but the two gates are not connected by security systems. Terminal B is one of the busiest airports in the United States, with more than 1.5 million passengers per day.

Atta Bahaji bin al-Shibh shared an apartment in Marienstraße in Hamburg with his wife and two children from 1998 to 2001. When he arrived in Florida, he stayed with accountant Huffman and his wife at the Hilton Hotel in Fort Myers.

Atta rented a Mitsubishi Galant from Alamo and put 3,836 miles on the vehicle before returning it on July 26. On August 6, Atta and Shehhi rented another white Warrick Rent-A car, which was returned on August 13.

After receiving his visa, Atta took a bus to Zurich, where he stayed for three days before traveling to the United States the next day. They arrived in Madrid and spent several hours at Zurich airport before arriving in Atlanta.

Atta left the country on August 7 and flew to Boston, Massachusetts, where he spent a day, then a short time to San Francisco and then to Las Vegas. On August 8, Atta arrived at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas to meet with three other pilots. He booked a flight to Newark, New Jersey, to register at Newark Liberty International Airport, but did not know where to stay. After returning to the United States, he flew from Newark to New York City and then to Los Angeles, California, before flying back to Atlanta, Georgia, on August 9.

After purchasing a plane ticket for a flight to Newark, he went to the travel agent in Pompano Beach to buy tickets for his flight from Newark on August 8. He left the evening of August 7 and was scheduled to return to Atlanta, Georgia, the next day, August 9, and then back to New York City. On August 6, Atta checked into the Wayne Inn in Wayne, New Jersey, before checking into the Hilton Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida the night before he arrived in Atlanta, and checking back into his hotel room at Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta's International Hotel, and the Hampton Inn, a two-star downtown hotel, between August 5 and 10.

Bryant told ABC World News Tonight he wants to fund a six-seat twin-engine passenger plane and remove all seats. Atta had traveled to Las Vegas on August 8 to rehearse how the 9 / 11 attacks were to be carried out. He traveled on several surveillance flights to determine in detail how an attack could be carried out, and to determine in detail how it could be carried out, not just why.

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